Walt Before Mickey (Movie Review)


When this movie appeared in the ‘Recently Added’ category on my Netflix account I thought it could be an interesting watch and with it’s almost-five-star rating I thought it would be a diamond in the rough sort of film. But I was thoroughly discouraged after the first 45 minutes or so. The movie lacked from very poor acting and a weirdly paced screenplay that just seems to be repeating itself several times within the very limited runtime.

            The acting in this film was one of the choppiest and awkward performances of an ensemble cast I’ve seen in a very long time. Thomas Ian Nicholas stars as Walt Disney and he manages to give a horribly fickle performance in this fairly straightforward role. There are though moments when you see potential; there are a couple of scenes where the character is supposed to be at his lowest where you do mildly see the vision of the director, but Nicholas ultimately fails at keeping the viewer interested and engaged in his character. Playing Disney’s love interest was Jodie Sweetin as Charlotte Disney; just like her counterpart she led a very fickle and uneven portrayal. David Henrie, Jon Heder, and Armando Gutierrez all fail at their individual roles to the point when you start rooting for antagonistic studios. Conor Dubin plays the miniscule role of Charles Mintz, this was in my opinion probably the only strong acting showed anywhere in the film.

            Khoa Le, the director of the film, ultimately fails on trying to make this quite interesting story a retelling rather than a recitation. Every scene seems to have the same energy level and there is no nuance anywhere to be seen in the film. The screenplay also served the tired actors with some of the most awkward lines imaginable—sentences you would never hear in reality. The story is also in itself a rather weak portrayal of the real-life events; the pattern was awkwardly an up-then-down then down-then-up then up-then-down sort of story that really did not work for me and generally does not work for a movie.

            This film ultimately fails at everything it attempts to do, which is very depressing as it’s subject is so interesting. The direction is poor; the acting is wooden and the screenplay is poorly-paced. Even the biggest Walt Disney fans would find this movie hard to watch.


Best Aspect- The way Charles Mintz says Kansas

Worst Aspect- The rest… I guess?

Rating- 0.2/10 


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