Demetri Martin Live (At the Time) (Movie Review)


This Netflix Special starring Demetri Martin features laughs and smiles galore with the occasional thought-provoking comment as well. This special does not feature the Demetri Martin that most people are accustomed to seeing; the one we get in this special is much more laid back and calm which has its ups and downs. The jokes themselves are very amusing and clever, but the transitions are abrupt and occasionally awkward. The deliverance is laidback and feels very personal which makes for a very cozy and comfortable watch.

            There a few jokes that fall flat here and there most notably a sequence in which he asks if it’s an audience member’s birthday and makes a few cracks about it which don’t live up to the expectations. Another joke, about the holes in crackers, also doesn’t receive especially wonderful audience laughter but he then quickly recovers with a joke about the previous joke that not only garners substantial laughs but makes the previous joke funnier too. The last segment of the special includes a guitar and harmonica act with quick and witty one-liners that creates a very—no pun intended—harmonic conclusion to the special. And that’s also Martin’s strength: one-liners. Demetri Martin offers a very nice and personal deliverance of the jokes that puts the audience at eye-level which is nice as many other comedians put on an egocentric persona. The jokes have a somewhat awkward and abrupt transitions which can occasionally pull the viewer out of the jokes and ruin an otherwise great joke.

            Overall this special has its ups and downs, but there are truly wonderful recoveries. The average viewer would find a great handful of jokes to laugh at, I did at least. And I think the show was surprisingly uplifting and feel-good which is just what I expected and wanted; I was satisfied and happy with the show and I think many others would too.


Best Aspect- The final segment

Worst Aspect- The transitions

Rating- 6.2/10


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