Living On One Dollar (Movie Review)


This 56-minute documentary drama about the extreme poverty in Guatemala popped up on my Netflix so I decided to watch it. In retrospect, that was a pretty good decision. The movie was short, so I’ll keep this review fairly short. There was nothing extremely new about this movie; it’s been done several times before, but it was interesting to watch and made you think about how horrible some people have it. The movie followed four young Americans: Ryan Christoffersen, Zach Igrasci, Sean Leonard, and Christ Temple, living on one single dollar a day in a Guatemalan penury-stricken village of 300. The viewer is taken on a journey as these four men meet a wide assortment of different villagers who each have their own story. The movie interesting and captivating… But its runtime may be a little too short to express everything that it’s trying to. For a-less-than-an-hour-long movie the filmmakers shove a complex and never properly explained system where they draw a number out of a hat which then represents how much money they have for that day as well as them taking out a bank-loan and planting food. I think the film would have garnered from a perhaps 90-minute runtime and the filmmakers staying for more than their two-month stay. But the movie is touching and heartwarming and ultimately succeeds at what it attempts to do.


Best Aspect- Carlos

Worst Aspect- The radish bank loan

Rating- 6.3


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