John Mulaney: The Comeback Kid (Movie Review)


John Mulaney’s take on the Netflix stand-up special resulted in probably the funniest stand-up show currently on Netflix. Mulaney plays with comedy-fire as his jokes and stories can take up to ten minutes apiece. But with little jabs and pokes throughout and strong punchlines concluding each joke or story, he pulls through with what very few comedians can manage. A couple of misfires here and there are of course inevitable; his final segment on Bill Clinton especially falls flat with a confused ‘plot’ and no real punchline at the end. The true virtue of this show, though, is almost-tangible excitement he has for everything that he says and does; he loves these stories, so therefore the viewer finds it inconsiderably easier to love them too.

            John Mulaney’s otherwise underemphasized wit, which has previously been showcased on SNL, comes out with such grandeur and prowess in this segment. One particular story in which he talks about a previous job as a temp where his boss and secretary who had an interesting conservation stood out. First he started by going through the story with excitement and energy that really made the minimalized art form of stand-up almost as encaptivating and encompassing as a big-budget film. He then went on to explain every single line of dialogue in a spectacularly hilarious segment that only ripened with age. Every story of his really held up and could hold somewhere from the five to ten minutes they took, except for one, except for his finale. In his finale he told a story of how his mother knew Bill Clinton and of all the interesting interactions they had together, but his obvious discomfort in going too much into political jokes was inadvertently spotlighted and the entire segment fell flat.

            This is definitely a must-watch for all John Mulaney fans or just for anyone with a Netflix subscription and a lust for something funny. The jokes hold up throughout the majority of the segment and Mulaney comes off as a very likeable and very humorous comedian who truly loves what he does, and that makes for the best comedy.


Best Aspect- His temp story

Worst Aspect- Bill Clinton joke

Rating- 7.4/10


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