2016 Tony Nominations Reaction

b_NomsHosts_2016_v3[1]The Tony nominations have just been revealed and boy were my predictions off. Not only did I absolutely underestimate Noises Off, Bright Star, and She Loves me, but I also absolutely overestimated Tuck Everlasting and American Psycho. The one thing that surprised me though was that everybody for everything in Hamilton was nominated. I mean… Sure I knew that they would “Blow Us All Away” at the Tony Awards, but to be nominated for 16 awards… Wow!  had imagined that the show would sag a little behind expectations in the acting categories with Soo and Groff going home disappointed, but suffice it to say, that did not happen. And now that we’re on the topic of me being wrong I might as well say that I only got 53.33% of my predictions correct.

Now I know Tuck Everlasting may not have gotten splendid reviews, but it absolutely did not get poor reviews and I had imagined it would pull off a Something Rotten! and be nominated galore despite decent reviews. But I think it at least deserved more than it’s pathetic 1 nomination. Best Score? It has a pretty beautiful and sweet score that is just the right mix of fun and emotional. Or how about choreography? Say what you want about Casey Nicholaw– actually don’t! what would you say? he’s fantastic– but he knows how to choreograph and he knows how to do it well and that also shows in Tuck Everlasting. And oh yeah! How about nominating Terrence Mann? The Leonardo DiCaprio of Broadway and he didn’t even get a nomination for playing a role so far out of his comfort zone so well. Also how about Andrew Keenan-Bolger or Carolee Carmello?

Now I am going to play the devil’s advocate and make my case as to why I don’t think Hamilton should have gotten 16 nominations. Daveed Diggs may be a funny guy and have a great deal of charisma, but is his role really a ‘featured role’? His character has a song (“So What’d I Miss”) sure, but his role was so straight-forward and static. He seems to pale in dramatic comparison to his fellow cast members Christopher Jackson and Jonathan Groff who both have nice chunky roles that have character development and so on. I also don’t know whether Phillipa Soo quite deserved her nomination either as her part was noticeably small compared so her ‘competition’ for the award.  And also scenic design? Now that is a little bit of a stretch especially as Tuck Everlasting deserved that nomination so much more.

But with a few surprises here ad there I think most of the nominations were well-deserved and definitely promise for an exciting and interesting Tony night hosted  by the brilliant James Corden. I personally cannot wait to see Shuffle Along’s performance at the award ceremonies. I will be sure to throw up my predictions for the actual winners sometime before June 12th..


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