One Chance (Movie Review)


This James Corden film about the real story behind the winner of “Britain’s Got Talent”’s Paul Potts. This film takes the audience from a young Potts being bullied by his peers to performing in front of the queen herself. The film itself is a fairly slow and cliché story with a few feels here and there and an occasional chuckle. But James Corden makes the already likeable Paul Potts into such a relatable and immersive character that is absolutely tangible and emotional. But the film does seem to drag here and there and loses the audience every once in awhile with awkward transitions and a choppy story that sometimes moves too fast or too slowly.

The film stars James Corden as the protagonist of this biographical drama, and boy does this Late Late Show host act well. Corden manages to capture the essence and personality of Paul Potts well and adds his own take on the character. But with that said, the character itself is not the largest dramatic vehicle as the character is straight-forward and very non-nuanced. Corden plays opposite of Alexandra Roach who plays Paul Pott’s love interest and who has absolutely riveting chemistry with Corden and builds the character to be such a crowd-pleasing and appealing character. Julie Walters and Colm Meaney play Paul Pott’s parents and they indeed also have great screen chemistry with Corden, and Meaney especially sticks out as a wonderful actor with great character developement. Simply put, this film has a magnificent cast of wonderful actors who work well on screen with each other.

But the story itself is just a little awkwardly paced and does occasionally throw the viewer off the ship. The film has a very choppy plot as Potts manages to succeed, then fail, then succeed, then fail, and this goes on throughout the movie and does in itself get repetitive and predictable very quickly. And the choppy plot is also a big part in what dulls down Corden’s character, which is really a shame. Otherwise the screenplay has a few funny and new jokes, but otherwise is very straight-forward. The music for this film is all performed by Paul Potts himself, but when Corden lip-syncs the songs it becomes very clear and obvious as the sound editing isn’t always quite perfect and takes the viewer straight out of the movie.

But overall this film is a quiet and sweet sentiment with brilliant acting. This film is very much a diamond in the rough and offers everything you would want in a low-budget biographical drama of Paul Potts. So even if the film is not a spectacular cinematic experience but it manages to accomplish everything it sets out to do, which is tell the story of Paul Potts and to provide a little entertainment and music along the way.


Best Aspect: Corden and Roach’s chemistry

Worst Aspect: Weird plot rhythm

Rating: 6.7/10


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