Sunday in Depth #2: Star Wars Anthologies

Star Wars[1].jpgThe second Sunday in depth! Yay! Well recently I read that the next Han Solo had been found, and it turns out that is Alden Ehrenreich, who I can’t say I know much about. I am generally opposed to all these large franchise film universes such as the MCU and what Star Wars is becoming, but I will say that I am fairly excited for this film. Disney has announced that they will make (at least) three of these anthology-type films about Star Wars characters. The first being Rogue  One, and the following being the Han Solo film, but what should the third be? There has been- a lot of discussion about doing it on Boba Fett, but I feel like that was already done in the prequel series– not done well, but still done– and I feel like there are so many more interesting characters to do the anthology film about.

One option that I think could be very interesting is doing the film about Yoda. Much like Han Solo, Yoda is one of the most iconic movie characters. Doing an anthology film about Yoda is a little risky, because there are a lot of fans with a lot of demands, but the film could be very interesting nonetheless. The only problem with doing the film about Yoda is finding out when in his life to place the film. If I’m not mistaken, at his death, Yoda is around 900 years old when he dies, which allows for a lot quite a handful of time periods to select from. But the film could focus on when he learned the force or some of his previous apprentices.

Another character that could be interesting to see an anthology film about could be Jabba the Hut. Star Wars has such a surplus of absolutely epic gangster-characters like Jabba the Hut, and it would be such a shame if this was never touched upon. Sure, the Boba Fett film could also touch upon this, but really what would the Godfather film be without Vito Corleone, the kingpin? This film may though suffer at the hands of the fact that Jabba the Hut may not be the most physically active character so there would be a lot of sitting and talking which is not the best thing for a Star Wars film.

Now I might get some negative comments for this one, but I would LOVE to see an anthology film about Jar Jar Binks, but a film where he is taken more seriously and perhaps even made likeable. Now if you have ever seen any of the Darth Binks theories you would probably agree that it would be really cool to see a film in which Jar Jar does turn out to be a sith lord and so on. But all in all that idea is probably too far out and I doubt that Disney would ever want to fund such a film as it could very well do poorly at the box office.


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