Hancock (Movie Review)


This film is absolutely outrageously silly and absolutely oblivious to its own faults and weaknesses. This film really makes you wonder whether the production team gave up halfway through the project. This film drops the viewer in a world where a vigilante superhero saves the world day after day in a reckless and drunken manner that leads to his incarceration. This vigilante, Hancock, then saves the life of some random guy played by Jason Bateman, Bateman then invites Hancock over for dinner and offers to be his PR manager and chaos ensues.

Now the film stars Will Smith as Hancock, a depressing rogue vigilante, and Smith is decent. The role itself is very Bad Santa and is uncomfortably depressing to follow, but Smith seems to do pretty well with the shabby screenplay that he has to work with. The character has a handful of funny moments though, that Smith does pretty well. Bateman is also in the movie and plays Michael Bluth with a different name, and he does it fine, but Arrested Development did it much better so it seems very cheap and dull. Charlize Theron also has a major role in this film, and Jesus is her role confusing. I might not have paid too much attention to the film, but I am absolutely in the dark as to who her character was. There are maybe other people in the film, but what is now four hours after watching it, I don’t recall anybody else.

The story sets itself up to be  good, a vigilante meets a PR manager and it seems the film will turn out pretty good, but with a `brain damagingly dumb second act that ruins everything the film had going for it. The screenplay is also absolutely depressing as the first half of the film follows a hungover drunkard which, though funny at times, is not something you can watch for the runtime of a feature length film. Also the film has Sharkboy and Lavagirl style CGI and special effects so there is never a point in the film in which you think… Damn that cool! But rather a lot of groans and growls at the cheap and crappy effects. But one thing the film actually had going for it was a stunning soundtrack. But it went to waste as the otherwise intense scenes were dulled down by mediocre effects and poor writing.

Had this film been a couple inches worse it could have made for a great Sharknado style film, but it still had a few plusses and eventually faltered as it took itself way too seriously. The story was hard to follow and stocked up on cliches and poor writing and crappy effects. The performances were what they were: nothing fantastic, but not horrendous either.

Best Aspect: John Powell’s soundtrack

Worst Aspect: The special effects

Rating: 1.3/10


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