Inside Out (Movie Review)


Upon watching the trailer for The Angry Birds Movie, I began noticing that the movie is fairly reminiscent of Inside Out visually, so I’ll review Inside Out. Inside Out is truly one of Pixar’s best films, it’s visually stunning, has a lovey story, great voice acting, and a brain-bogglingly clever premise. The film makes up for Cars 2 and The Good Dinosaur’s missteps. The film also manages to bring forth a star-studded voice cast without making it painfully prominent and forced, which is such a difficult thing to pull off.

The voice acting ensemble is led by Amy Poehler, and although I am not a big fan of her, she was truly magnificent in this film. Poehler playing the role of Joy, adds so much humor and nuance to the performance. Nuance is really such a wonderful addition to her performance, as she did play joy, who was happy the whole movie, but by using nuance we got and interesting and involved character. Phyllis Smith voices the remarkably funny Sadness, who although may get on the audience’s nerve at times also provides one of the most interesting portrayals as the character too plays with nuances of sad but also joy.

Lewis Black voices the hilarious Anger and does so very humorously and with a few melancholy moments also stomps out a few nuanced-to-perfection moments. Mindy Kaling plays the only cringe-worthy one of the characters, Disgust. Kaling does fine, but the character itself comes off as stereotypical and a shove-in for popular culture. Bill Hader also plays a smaller role as Fear, who has a couple humorous moments, but is otherwise overshadowed by his on-screen counterparts. And finally Richard Kind, who plays the absolutely adorable Bing Bong, who really steals the movie and this is in part to Kind’s perfect voice-work.

The story itself is very complex and intricate as well as creative and thought-provocative as it manages to create a beautiful cinematic visualization of the inner workings of a brain. The plot then follows Joy and Sadness as they travel through the brain as well as Anger, Disgust and Fear who have to man the emotions on their own. This creates to some emotional and humorous moments and altogether is a really truly amazing screenplay and plot, that not only deserved its Oscar nod, but should probably have nudged out Spotlight too.

Visually the film is also a masterwork, with vivid and intricate colors and visually captivating characters and settings. This is just one more film that helps prove Pixar’s masterful animation skills and amazing attention to detail in everything they do. But if there is one criticism I have towards the animation is the weird transition between humanoid and brain scenes. The scenes that happen in the brain are colorful and splendid, while the human scenes are dull and clumsy.

So even though his film has a few flaws they ultimately get lost in all the wonderful things this masterpiece has to offer. And with movies like these coming out of the Pixar powerhouse, who cares if they occasionally produce a sequel (or many).

Best Aspect- The screenplay

Worst Aspect- Disgust

Rating- 9.1/10


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