Sunday in Depth #4: Doctor Strange



Superhero movies are taking over our cinemas and in some cases that’s fun and exciting, but will this all come to an end soon? Doctor Strange starring Benedict Cumberbatch is hitting theaters soon, but will this new entry into the MCU be the first film to get remarkably poor reviews (a rotten rating on the tomatometer)? My guess is yes– I don’t hope so, but I think it will. And why do I think that? Good question!

I think this film will try (like so many other installments in the franchise) to up the game and make the movie larger, bigger, and more expensive than the last installment. And as nice it is to get these large big-budget movies that blow the viewers away, these films will eventually reach a point in which they cannot beat the last one. And that is exactly what I think will happen to Doctor Strange. My prediction is that the newest installment, which builds on the ‘magic’ aspect of the MCU, will be too confusing, make no sense, and feature a story simply serving the action scenes.

Benedict Cumberbatch will star in this film, and that is really the only thing I see this film has going for it. Cumberbatch is a strong actor who has proven his remarkable capbility to play a large assortment of characters ranging from Sherlock Holmes to a slave owner to Hamlet. But Benedict Cumberbatch has also played big parts in not-so-well-recieved films (The Fifth Estate), so he’s not a Daniel Day-Lewis and he could very well be throwing his name on a poor project just to get his foot into the MCU.

The biggest fear I have with this film can quickly be summed up by the shot in the trailer in which we get New York seemingly collapsing upon itself in a weird 4rth dimention situation. I just fear that this film will take everything we like about the MCU: the relatability and real-world involvement and throw it all away. If this whole Inception- or Interstellar-type concept is also applicaple in the MCU I just think that everything that has been built so far could collapse and the film could turn viewers off from the upcoming projects.

So as I stated in the first paragraph: I hope this film is excellent and serves as another wonderful MCU showing as well as a great Benedict Cumberbatch performance. I just don’t think that will happen. And anyways even if this movie is crap, people will still keep watching the MCU films and Disney will keep making them, but I think it could send the franchise down a sad spiral ofpoorly rated and recieved films that ruin the otherwise remarkably accomplished Marvel Cinematic Universe.


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