The Do-Over (Movie Review)


This Netflix Original movie yet again showcases that Netflix movies don’t tend to be that good (I am still excited for The Fundamentals of Caring though). This movie is not clever, it’s not funny, and it is horribly predictable. That said, Adam Sandler has made way worse films in his career and this movie actually has a hint of likeability due to it’s inclusion of David Spade and Paula Patton who both put in decent performances. But the film is still hard to watch due to its awkwardly paced plot, blatant sexism and homophobia, and surplus of stupid and outrageous characters.

The most notable of these stupid and outrageous character is Adam Sandler’s weak attempt at a flawed hero. The character is all over the place and therefore creates no connection with the viewer but rather assists in driving the viewer away from the movie. Late in the movie, it turns out that the character is hiding a fairly melancholy secret, and that apparently this was hinted at throughout the movie. But it wasn’t, because to the audience, these hints just seem like Sandler trying to act and not hint-dropping. One of the most interesting, one of the only interesting, parts of the movie was David Spade whose character was one of the few mildly compelling characters. His (mild) charm and charisma kept the movie (kind of) going and (kind of) keeping the movie watchable. His charm however seemed to slowly die off throughout the movie and by the end, there was not a lot holding up his performance.

Paula Patton was also in the movie as the ‘absolutely stupid character arc’, but Patton’s likeability kept her character watchable. But much like Spade, her character seemed to dim down with everything likability the further into the movie you watch. Kathryn Hahn was in the movie too as another character who was there to help unravel all the complications that the leads got into. Renee Taylor was also in the movie as another distasteful and unlikeable character, and she was not any good either. Nick Swardson and Matt Walsh also had stupid roles… There’s truly not a lot to say positively about this cast and I’m really trying hard right now.

The screenplay, written by Kevin Barnett and Chris Pappas, is also horribly not very funny at all, but rather served as a great way to make fun of the elderly, gays, women, and oh yeah… people who have cancer. The story too seemed weird and forced and didn’t make a lot of sense whatsoever. The entire supporting cast of this movie was also thrown into outrageous characters, that if handled by McKay may have been funny, but the ultimate throw-awayness of them and their lack of importance to the actual movie was unpleasant to watch. But the worst part of the movie is the fact that the general outline doesn’t seem like a bad concept whatsoever, and if it had been handled by somebody better than Steven Brill and starred an actor better than Sandler may very well have created a funny farce, but it didn’t and that’s really a shame.

I won’t stop you from watching this movie, but I would suggest watching an Adam McKay comedy instead of this mess of a film. At least Adam McKay films have likeable protagonists and decent screenplays. It is truly amazing how much damage Adam Sandler and a poor screenplay can do…

Best Aspect- Spade and Patton

Worst Aspect- Sandler

Rating- 0.9/10


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